Cincinnati Chili and Beyond

5 STOPS | 95 MILES | 2 hr 4 min

Cincinnati chili is an American icon, but north of the Queen City is an array of great eats, both funky and fine. This road trip starts with a plate of five-way, then heads north into the countryside to find a wonderful chocolate factory, an old-fashioned grist mill (serving corn meal mush!), an extra thick milk shake and, finally, one of the great steak dinners anywhere, in Dayton.


Camp Washington Chili Parlor

Camp Washington makes the best 5-Way chili in Cincinnati. Open round the clock, it also offers great chili-cheese Coneys and mile-high double-decker sandwiches.


Golden Turtle

The Golden Turtle is a full-service chocolate shop with a wide variety of caramels, creams, and nuts enrobed in light or dark chocolate.


Clifton Mill

Clifton Mill offers a country menu of corn meal mush, buckwheat cakes, rugged-textured sausage, & biscuits the size of softballs, with creamy sausage gravy.


Young’s Jersey Dairy

Using ice cream and milk from their own farm, Young’s of Yellow Springs, Ohio, blends extra-thick shakes in every flavor imaginable.


Pine Club

One of America's best steak houses, the Pine Club cuts and ages its own: glorious filets mignon, porterhouses & sirloins. And a sensational hamburger, too.