Chicago to Milwaukee, Twixt 3 Corned Beef Sandwiches

10 STOPS | 145 MILES | 3 hr 32 min

A road trip along the the southwest shore of Lake Michigan offers a wild taste-buds adventure (assuming you can get out of Chicago with any appetite remaining … but that’s another story). This trip starts with a great corned beef sandwich at the edge of the Chicago Loop and ends with two corned beef sandwich destinations in Milwaukee, with a potpourri of local treats along the way.


Manny’s Coffee Shop

Manny's is a Chicago treasure, a big, cafeteria-style restaurant with a vast menu featuring some of the city's best corned beef, sided by potato pancakes.


Walker Brothers Pancake House

Must eats at Walker Bros: German pancake and apple pancake, puffed high above the plate. This Wilmette branch of the national chain might be the best of all.


Kewpee Lunch

A blast from the pop culture past, Kewpee Lunch of Racine, Wisconsin, offers good sliders and Midwest-style chili (with beans).


Larsen Bakery

Larsen's of Racine, Wisconsin makes a specialty of kringle, the tender, butter-rich Danish pastry. There usually are samples on the counter to taste.



Polish food at its best in Milwaukee: From homey chicken noodle soup to pierogi to elegant crepes, a meal at Polonez is is a memorable experience.


Three Brothers

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Three Brothers, located in a vintage corner brewery, serves classic Serbian food at its finest. A memorable heartland restaurant!


Solly’s Grille

Solly's Grille serves the great butter burger of Milwaukee, literally dripping with butter. Milk shakes are Dairy State-rich. We love the fresh banana malt.



A neon-edged fun ride for anybody who loves the profound goodness of Wisconsin custard, Leon's is a 1942 vintage Milwaukee favorite.



McBob's is a cheerful Milwaukee tavern / restaurant with a great Friday fish fry and some of the best corned beef (and corned beef hash) anywhere.



There is no meat anywhere so tender and so rapturously luscious as the hand-sliced corned beef at Jake's of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On good seeded rye, of course.