Young’s Jersey Dairy

Review by: Michael Stern

There’s something for everyone at Young’s Jersey Dairy: a goat-petting zoo, a farm-themed gift shop, a miniature golf course (Udders and Putters), a picnic grounds where you can have catered meals, summertime wagon rides around the farm, a serious restaurant (just up the road) that serves local produce, identified by which farm it came from, and a June to October art exhibit of statuary cows painted by local artists. It is all fun stuff, but for us, Young’s will always be the place to get a milk shake.

Using ice cream and milk from their own farm, Young’s blends regular shakes and extra-thick shakes (spoon required), as well as bullshakes that are extra-large, extra-thick, and come with one additional scoop of ice cream floating on top. There are exotic flavors galore, but give us a vanilla or chocolate shake every time, preferably with plenty of malt powder added. There’s none better. The dairy store counter is also a fine source of sundaes, banana splits, and bowls of ice cream from a choice of more than two dozen flavors. And you can have a nice little meal here, too: breakfast of sausage and biscuits or pancakes, or lunch counter sandwiches.

We were lucky enough that our last visit happened to be on a Thursday morning, when the dining room rang with the sounds of gospel music performed by a group of local musicians. We asked the staff who they were, i.e. what was the name of the group and did they have a CD available? The answer to our questions: no CD is available because this angel-voiced chorus is not an official group, just a bunch of people from the community who like to get together here every Thursday and sing their good news while customers enjoy bacon and eggs and coffee.

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Josh Shearer

July 5th, 2009

Where Young’s really shines is the homemade ice cream. Without a doubt this is about as fresh as ice cream will get, as they get the milk from the cows that are on the farm. The ice cream is not overly rich and is super-creamy, which is a bonus, as I am of the opinion that ice cream should be silky smooth and not overly frozen.

They have the typical flavors: chocolate chip, chocolate, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, etc. They also have flavors that are a little bit out of the ordinary. Some flavors they have occasionally: cinnamon, pumpkin, Wooly Wonka, and various other rotating exotic flavors. They also offer around eight choices of gelato for those who want something a little bit more healthful but, hey, when all this delicious ice cream is staring you in the face how can you say no? They offer a myriad of shake options as well as multiple sundaes that you can customize to your heart’s desire.

The prices are more than fair as a double scoop will run you somewhere around $3.39 and the addition of a waffle cone, chocolate-dipped waffle cone, or waffle bowl will cost you about $1 in addition. This is on par with what other ice cream places charge, if not a little bit less expensive, and the amount they serve you is far more than others. Where they really shine is the flavor of the week, where you can get two scoops of a particular flavor for $2.39, so when you pair that up with a waffle cone that is a price that can’t be beat.

The service is very friendly and extremely fast. I have stood in a line that was at the door and was out with my ice cream in less than ten minutes, and they can really pack a lot of people in the line. They are always more than willing to let you try out a flavor if you would like and they give you a good-sized test-it portion, as opposed to others where you can barely taste the ice cream.


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