Fairborn Family Diner

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Fairborn Family Diner: Little money lots of food

Diner values here: lots of food for little money, menu highlights including big omelets, thick pancakes, and broad country-fried steak smothered with gravy.

We arrived on a bleak and dreary Sunday afternoon. We were looking to fill our bellies with food and breakfast sounded delicious.

What to eat at Fairborn Family Diner

While I have never been a big country-fried steak fan, I am certainly one now. The gravy that accompanied the steak was very good and there was plenty of it, and it makes me drool just thinking about what their biscuits and gravy might be like. The hash browns were pretty fantastic; they had edges that were nice and crispy but some parts that were slightly soft, a great mixture of both that could only be improved by adding some onions and cheese, which is what I will try next time.

My mom was quite fond of the ham and Swiss omelet and she really liked her hash browns as well. This is high praise from someone who does not ordinarily like hash browns of any sort. While the omelet wasn’t quite her favorite version of ham and Swiss, she happily ate it up.

The deal of the day at Fairborn Family Diner came with my dad’s special, as it came with so much food and it all ended up being quite good. The pancakes were nice and fluffy. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn from the color of the pancakes that they used some sort of corn meal; they were fairly yellow. These were like syrup sponges.

All in all a great deal of food for such a small amount of money. Makes us want to come back to Fairborn Family Diner time and time again.

Original post by Josh Shearer

What To Eat

Chocolate Cake

Rice Pudding

Corned Beef Hash

Country Fried Steak

Ham & Swiss Omelet


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