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Buffalo is known to everyone as the home of wings; debates about which tavern serves the best are never-ending; the fact remains that Buffalo’s best wings are authoritative and, we dare say, better than wings anywhere else. A lesser-known favorite local dish is beef on weck; here, too, enough taverns make excellent versions of the hot roast beef sandwich on a caraway seed-and-salt spangled roll that lively discussions ensue about where’s the best. Buffalo’s charcoal-cooked hot dogs are a culture unto themselves. Beyond such savories, the Nickel City happens to be the best place in the country to eat ice cream and chocolate. Family-run sweet shops, large and small, temper cocoa butter, whip up marshmallow sauce from scratch and create unique signature candies. In the capital of what local chocolatier Dean Tassy refers to as The Sponge Belt (Syracuse to Erie), sponge candy is only one chocolate grail among such pieces de resistance as cashew-crowded Charlie Chaplin logs, creamy-crunchy stolen havens, molasses pops, nut barks, and non pareils. Nearly all of the city’s destination candy stores also host ice cream parlors that serve the most aristocratic sundaes, which western New Yorkers know as frappes.

Buffalo’s Most Famous Dishes

Broad basket holds sauce-brushed chicken wings along with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks ... must-eat Buffalo honor roll


Long metal dish holds ice cream, syrup, chopped nuts, and whipped cream.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Peeking out from under the chocolate shell of a candy turtle are almonds, caramel, and dried cherries and apricot


Two thick slices of well-buttered raisin toast


Buffalo’s Best Restaurants

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