Restaurants in California

California is so big that it is impossible to summarize its cuisine. Geographically, Southern California is a place of vintage surfer fare along the ocean, both soul food and stylin’ food in Los Angeles, the best tacos in the U.S.A. in and around San Diego, classic SoCal coffee shops (which are NOT coffee houses), glorious juice bars and health-food destinations in Orange County, and rich lodes of ethnic fare from around the world. Northern California boasts San Francisco, which is an eating universe all its own, including magnificent fish houses and breakfast joints and, of course, bakeries that yield great sourdough bread and more. Inland from the central coast, around Santa Maria, is a whole culture of ranch-style steak meals. Far up the coast are oysters galore. And don’t forget Sacramento’s fabulous Squeezeburgers.

California’s Most Famous Dishes

Bright green smoothie includes spinach and bee pollen.


Fish tacos made with grilled mahi-mahi are dressed with cilantro-avocado sauce and sided by chunky papaya relish

Fish Tacos

A basket of six hot donuts: plain, powdered sugar, cinnamon



California’s Best Restaurants

El Gallito


In-N-Out Burger - Double Double
In-N-Out Burger


Gaffey Street Diner


Earl’s Donuts


The Summit


Wuksachi Lodge Dining Room


Nationwide Meats


Pancake Circus


Pasty Shack


Natural Cafe




La Farine


Mama’s Hot Tamales Café


Carnitas tacos are topped with coral-pink salsa
El Paisa Taco Truck


Bi-Rite Creamery


Roscoe’s House of Chicken ’n Waffles


Mission Pie


Best Fish Taco in Ensenada


Folded-over tortilla is packed with succulent meat and avocado sauce
La Fachada


Tacos El Paisa


Galco’s Soda Pop Stop


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We’ve never met a cooked potato we didn’t like. Baked with butter, salt-boiled, fire-roasted, puréed with cream, au gratin, dauphinois, frittered, and french fried—all are surefire transformations of the homely...

Drive Ins

For two-lane travelers, pulling into a parking lot perfumed by hamburgers and hot onion rings is as satisfying as any four-star dining experience. At a true classic drive-in, you...

Surf's Up, Soup's On

Surfing rules in Ocean Beach, California. And there isn’t a restaurant more perfectly suited to the wave-rider mindset than Hodad’s, an open-front eatery on Newport Avenue where a sign notifies...

Main Street at Al's Place in Walnut Grove, CA

From Steak To nuts

EARLY IN THE MORNING, the corner of Main Street and Railroad Avenue in Winters, California, is crowded with bikes—Schwinns and Cannondales, not Harleys and BMWs—pedaled into this quiet hamlet...

Grill of His Dreams

In the kitchen of RUBIO'S BAJA GRILL in La Jolla Village Square, north of San Diego, Ralph Rubio lifts a soft, steaming corn tortilla off the griddle. "Look how...


Pancakes make people happy. Arriving at the table in the form of short stacks or lofty towers, or fanned out like a haul of soft gold medallions, they are...

Gimme Shelter

Originally Published 1997 Gourmet Magazine After a good day of boldly eating where no food writers have eaten before—truck stops, diners, smoke shacks, even the occasional scurrilous road-house that anchors...

San Diego, California

Embroidered bywords on a sampler on the wall of Hob Nos Hill offer this assurance: "Pleasures In Life Are Few, One of Ours Is Serving You." There isn't a...


When Los Angeles was young at heart, cafeterias were stylish. They had first appeared in several American cities around the turn of the century; but by the mid-1920s there...

Ichiban P. B.

Pacific Beach, San Diego, California, Thursday, 11:05 A.M.: Customers cluster at the door of Ichiban P.B. on Garnet Avenue, waiting for the eatery to open. (Ichiban is Japanese for...

Pitmaster tends tri-tip beef on the grill

One Hundred Years of Barbeque

Santa Barbara, California, smells of jasmine, orchids, and the sea; lesser-known Santa Maria, an hour north by car, is perfumed by the scent of hot beef juices dripping onto...

A full plate of fresh oysters on the halfshell a must order at any seafood restaurant

The Essential 22 Seafood Restaurants in the US

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Smashed crispyburger, fully dressed

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What a yummy trip it is to eat one's way from Chicago to L.A. along old Route 66! This tour of 21 excellent stops along the way includes some...

A dressed Burger with all of the toppings at Bun Huggers in Flagstaff, AZ

Route 66: Arizona & California Edition

While magnificent scenery along Route 66 in Arizona and California is abundant, good meals can be scarce. But it isn't necessary to take a major detour down to Sedona...

Los Angeles along the Coast to San Diego

Starting with refreshing smoothies in Laguna Beach, this Coast Highway drive leads to surfer burgers supreme, tacos by the highway, breakfast of the gods and the quintessential SoCal coffee...

Best Eats from Los Angeles to Palm Springs

Making the drive from L.A. to Palm Springs? Here's where to find the best local, authentic eats along the way, plus where to go once you arrive.

Huge cheeseburger

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A Cafe That's Worth a Detour in Mariposa Yosemite has entrances, and great eats, on both sides of the Sierras. If you're staying on the Westside of the Sierras, make...

Granola topped with fresh fruit

Breakfast and Coffee in San Diego | Roadfood Bests

Southern California is especially well-endowed with significant coffee shops -- restaurants that are more polite than a diner but less formal than a linen-napkin restaurant. San Diego has some...

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Double bacon cheeseburger, fully dressed

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Exterior view of Dave's showing gas pumps ... legendary chili dogs

Memorable Gas Station Food in America | Roadfood Bests

Fill Your Gas Tank and Your Stomach "Eat Here. Get Gas": It's a roadside jest as old as gas stations themselves. (Before gas stations, pioneering motorists bought gas in pharmacies.)...

13 Best Taco Places in America

Taco Take Over When we started hunting Roadfood many years ago, good tacos were hard to find anywhere other than the southwest borderlands and southern California. Today, great tacos are...

Randy's donuts exterior view

First Stop: 25 Great Roadfood Eateries Near Airports

Airport Food Food in airports is better than it used to be, but when we arrive by plane, we can't get out of the terminal fast enough. By rental car,...

Folded-over tortilla is packed with succulent meat and avocado sauce

A Day's Delights in San Diego

A Day in San Diego San Diego is where fish tacos first got popular in this country, and there are none better than at The Cottage up in La Jolla,...

Paper-thin crepes, dusted with powdered sugar, envelop bananas, walnuts, maple syrup and brown sugar


Why is brunch so wonderful? One, it almost always includes adult beverages. Two, it's far more bountiful than either breakfast or lunch. Three, there's no hurry to eat it:...

Chocolate layer cake frosted with caramel and pecans

Seductive Cafeterias

For some passionate eaters, a great cafeteria can be a source of tremendous anxiety. How on earth can a person choose from among dozens and dozens of good-looking desserts,...

Southern Kitchen - Pie

12 of the Best Pie Places in America

First, we apologize to the Stockholm Pie Company in Wisconsin, to Nick's Kitchen in Huntington, Indiana, to the Bang Bang Pie Shop in Chicago, and to Beardsley Cider Mill...

Peach Desserts

There are few pleasures in life more sensuously delicious than sinking teeth into a perfectly ripe peach to let its juicy, sugared sunshine flood over taste buds. Because their...

Laurel Diner - Corned Beef Hash

Heavenly Corned Beef Hash

The only possible happy exclamation incited by corned beef hash spooned from a can is "Arf!" But freshly chopped and sizzled to a crisp, crowned with poached eggs eager...

Roast Beef Sandwich

Every deli serves a roast beef sandwich, but a handful of U.S. restaurants make roast beef sandwiches that go beyond mere lunch meat on bread. The most memorable are...

Destination Donuts

Donut devotion as fervid as the commitment devotees have for barbecue. Everybody has a favorite kind. From robust cake sinkers to featherweight glazed, styles vary dramatically. In our experience,...


To quench ferocious thirst (non-alcoholically), few beverages are as welcome as horchata. A rice milk that varies from saki-thin to milk shake-thick, served on ice and dusted with cinnamon,...

Blue Colony Diner - Club Deluxe

Hot Turkey Sandwich

Every diner, town cafe, and truck stop sells a hot turkey sandwich. A precious few are memorable and as delicious as the best Thanksgiving leftovers. They include plenty of...

Urban Burgers

We Americans love our hamburgers, at home and on the road. From mischievous fried sliders to majestic beef pillows oozing juice over coals, burgers are a birthright coast to...

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros, which means ranch-style eggs, once was an exotic dish that U.S. travelers found only in the southern border-state cafes. With the burgeoning popularity of Mexican food --...

America's Great Pancakes | Roadfood Bests

Pancakes are especially appreciated by travelers in search of significant breakfast. While fair to middling ones are on the menu virtually everywhere, restaurants that serve four-star flapjacks are rare....

Pastrami Sandwich Honor Roll

Steamy hot, soft and supple, perfumed by spice and smoke, infused with the dripping succulence of animal fat, pastrami is the most voluptuous of delicatessen meats. Great pastrami sandwiches...

Granola is loaded with nuts, berries, raisins, coconut, etc., etc.

Granola Greats, Coast to Coast

Granola first was invented in the 1860s (not the 1960s) and eaten by health nuts of the day. It was a severe dish made from nothing but double-baked sheets...

Julian Pie Company - Apple Crumb Pie

13 of the Best Places to Get Apple Pie in America

Crumb-topped, lattice-topped, or layered with caramel and welcoming a scoop of ice cream on top, apple pie is everywhere from coast to coast. For your pleasure, a baker's dozen...

Steak Houses: Roadfood Favorites

Many restaurants serve steak, but some places are dedicated to it. Although no great steak house is cheap, some of the best are extremely informal (like Doe's Eat Place...

Fried Chicken: The Delicious Double Dozen

Fried chicken is popular all across America and so different everywhere that it is not possible to say what city, state, or region does it best. While the process...

Taco Temple Combo Plate

Chile Rellenos

At their best, made from roasted chilies that still have muscular vegetable walls, stuffed with cream-rich molten cheese and haloed in a coat of featherweight batter fried to a...

Randy's donuts exterior view

Los Angeles Open All Night

If you visit Los Angeles from the East and have a stubborn circadian rhythm governor that has you awake and hungry in the middle of the night, prepare to...

Great California Recipes

Eggs Del Mar

Carmel Brunch

Countrie Eatery - Crabcakes

Crab Cake Benedict

California Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Breakfast Chilaquiles Recipe

Breakfast Burrito

Indian pudding in a bowl topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Indian Pudding


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