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Pork is king in Iowa, where an “Iowa Pork Chop” isn’t just a chop from local hogs. It is two or three times thicker than a pork chop from anywhere else, and its creamy goodness is beyond compare. Likewise, cinnamon rolls, available in virtually every restaurant, are immense. Iowa also is a nexus of the lower Midwest’s beloved tenderloin sandwich, and it is the custom in here to flatten a slab of tenderloin so it fries up three or four or five times wider than the bun that sandwiches it. Pies are blue-ribbon quality, too — fruit pies as well as that dairy country favorite, sour cream raisin pie – a delirious balancing act of sweet and tangy.

Iowa’s Most Famous Dishes

Strawberry shake in a tall soda fountain glass is accompanied by a silver beaker of extra milk shake for refills


hot dog with hot mustard and relish

Classic Hot Dogs

Two bunned hot dogs covered with chili and shredded cheddar cheese

Coney Island

Oblong bowl holds sauteed mushrooms


Great Iowa Recipes

Dutch Lettuce

Iowa’s Best Restaurants

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