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If you are looking for local and affordable restaurants near you, scroll down and see all of our favorite picks in the West Virginia area.  Roadfood has done the research for you, so all you have to do is show up and eat good food. We’ve broken down our list of restaurants by city and dishes not to miss.

What does West Virginia have to offer?

A state with character that spans three regions of the country — Midwest, South, Mid-Atlantic — West Virginia offers flavors that reflect them all, but each with an accent all its own.

W​hat​​ s​hould I eat in West Virginia?

Italian food is particularly good in the northeast part of the state, which is home of the pepperoni roll (bread baked around spicy beef sticks). Up in the panhandle around Wheeling, some of the region’s most celebrated fish sandwiches are served. That’s also where you will find first-rate examples of rare Ohio Valley (aka Steubenville) pizza, which gets baked before its toppings are added. West Virginia is arguably the home of the Dixie dog: a hot dog topped with ground beef chili sauce and cole slaw.

West Virginia’s Most Famous Dishes

Twigs of pepperoni peek out from the inside of a mini-loaf of Italian bread at Country Club Bakery in Fairmont, WV

Pepperoni Roll

Great hunks of golden fried hogfish perch on the bottom of a bun, accompanied by garnishes and a bowl of fresh-cut fruit.

Fish Sandwich

Cardboard boat holds a bunned hot dog dressed with chili, slaw, and mustard.

Dixie Dog

Cheeese, sausage, and peppers top a square cut of Ohio Valley Pizza.

Ohio River Valley Pizza

West Virginia’s Best Restaurants

Ruby and Ketchy’s


Stewart’s Original Hot Dogs




Quinet’s Court


Pasta and beans in broth with fennel, dusted with hard cheese


Diehl’s Family Restaurant


Lora’s Family Restaurant


Oliverio’s Cash and Carry - Black Olives
Oliverio’s Cash and Carry


Michael’s Beef House - Roast Beef Sandwich
Michael’s Beef House


Twigs of pepperoni peek out from the inside of a mini-loaf of Italian bread at Country Club Bakery in Fairmont, WV
Country Club Bakery


Coleman’s Fish Market - Fish Sandwich
Coleman’s Fish Market


Long pepper holds a hot dog in a bun ... West Virginia chili dogs at their best
Ritzy Lunch | West Virginia Chili Dogs at their Best


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Twigs of pepperoni peek out from the inside of a mini-loaf of Italian bread at Country Club Bakery in Fairmont, WV

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