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The large African-American community in Florida’s biggest city means that Jacksonville will reward seekers of soul food. Jenkins Quality Barbecue (three locations) is a long-standing favorite BBQ parlor, known for beef, pork, and chicken cooked in a pit fired by oak logs and for sauce made from a recipe that is an old family secret. One of the city’s best-known eating destinations is Beach Road Fish House & Chicken Dinners, dating back to 1939. Here you find stuffed Gulf grouper, Lowcountry boil, shrimp & grits, fish tacos, and blue crab ravioli, plus a raw bar ready to serve oysters by the dozen. Crab leg lovers come on Tuesday, when they’re $12 per pound. Chicken dinners here are not an afterthought. They are served by the quarter, half, or whole bird, enveloped in a luxurious red-gold crust. On the subject of fried chicken a unique Jacksonville eating experience will be found at a bakery called Good Dough, where the specialty is a fried chicken doughwich: crisp fried chicken sandwiched along with pickles and hot sauce in a glazed donut. Yes, you read that right.

Jacksonville’s Most Famous Dishes

Crab legs top a Lowcountry boil of shrimp, potatoes, corn and sausage


Cafeteria tray holds a square meal of BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, collards, cornbread, sweet tea, and banana pudding

Dinner Platters

A single fried shrimp with crisp crust so thin you can see through it.

Fried Shrimp

A pair of crisp-skinned pork sausages on a puddle of orange-apricot jam

Pork Dishes

Jacksonville’s Best Restaurants

Jenkins Quality Barbecue


Beach Road Chicken Dinners


Good Dough


Gator’s BBQ


Blue Crab Crabhouse


Safe Harbor seafood basket at Safe Harbor Restaurant in Jacksonville Beach, FL
Safe Harbor Restaurant


The three for one combo at Singleton's Seafood Shack in Jacksonville, FL
Singleton’s Seafood Shack: A perfect Florida Seafood Spot


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Exterior of Singleton's Seafood Shack in Jacksonville, FL

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