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The large African-American community in Florida’s biggest city means that Jacksonville will reward seekers of soul food. Jenkins Quality Barbecue (three locations) is a long-standing favorite BBQ parlor, known for beef, pork, and chicken cooked in a pit fired by oak logs and for sauce made from a recipe that is an old family secret. One of the city’s best-known eating destinations is Beach Road Fish House & Chicken Dinners, dating back to 1939. Here you find stuffed Gulf grouper, Lowcountry boil, shrimp & grits, fish tacos, and blue crab ravioli, plus a raw bar ready to serve oysters by the dozen. Crab leg lovers come on Tuesday, when they’re $12 per pound. Chicken dinners here are not an afterthought. They are served by the quarter, half, or whole bird, enveloped in a luxurious red-gold crust. On the subject of fried chicken a unique Jacksonville eating experience will be found at a bakery called Good Dough, where the specialty is a fried chicken doughwich: crisp fried chicken sandwiched along with pickles and hot sauce in a glazed donut. Yes, you read that right.

Jacksonville’s Most Famous Dishes

Cafeteria tray holds a square meal of BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, collards, cornbread, sweet tea, and banana pudding

Dinner Platters

A bowl of thick, creamy chowder, loaded with clams and sprinkled with green onion

Clam Chowder

Crab legs top a Lowcountry boil of shrimp, potatoes, corn and sausage


Condiment array at an al fresco hot dog stand


Jacksonville’s Best Restaurants

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