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If you have time to visit only one place on a food-focused trip to Baltimore, make it the Lexington Market. It’s a huge, two-building historic shopping destination (since 1782; currently being expanded and renovated) that in addition to offering both familiar and exotic groceries is a grazing paradise. Here you can indulge in soul food, towering deli sandwiches, Maryland crab chowder (spicy!), Big Red burgers and Joy hot dogs, famous cookies from Berger’s Bakery, poke bowls, jerk chicken, and stuffed potatoes. Best of all is perhaps the most delicious dish in all of Baltimore, maybe the most beautiful hunk of seafood anywhere on the East Coast between Maine and Charleston Harbor: a Faidley’s crab cake. That means minimum filler and maximum crab — lump crab, for sure, the choicest meat picked from the hind-leg area of the blue crab in great big nuggets.

Baltimore’s Most Famous Dishes

Thin-sliced corned beef is piled high between slices of rye bread.

Corned Beef

hot dog with hot mustard and relish

Classic Hot Dogs

Freshly baked assorted bagels for sale, hung on wall pegs


Baltimore’s Best Restaurants

Faidley Seafood


Attman’s Delicatessen | Baltimore’s Corned Beef Row


Hoehn’s Bakery | Best Baltimore Smearcase | Yes, Try It!


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Close view of a lump crab cake, broiled ... Maryland crab cake heaven

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