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Genuine Kentucky fried chicken is a crunchy/juicy/spicy swirl like nowhere else, at its best west of Louisville. Also in this area you will find one of the nation’s most colorful styles of barbecue, where king of the pit is not pork or beef but rather, mutton — almost always served with a bowl of burgoo on the side. Louisville is home to the baroque American sandwich known as a hot brown, as well as to pie-and-cake-eater’s-heaven in the form of the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen. In the east, eat-shacks and convenience stores sell chili buns, which are like chili dogs without the hot dog, their goodness depending entirely on the quality of the chili. Through the heart of the state runs the bourbon trail, where distilleries offer tastes and Maker’s Mark has a little farm-to-table eatery with unique Kentucky food and bourbon drinks.

Kentucky’s Most Famous Dishes

Macaroni & cheese, spangled with herbs, comes in a small cast-iron pot

Mac N Cheese

BBQ-sauced beans in a blue bowl

BBQ Beans

Custard, sliced bananas, crumbled Nilla wafers, and meringue are crowded in a diner bowl

Banana Pudding

Huge, crisp-fried wiener schnitzel is accompanied by little dumplings and apple sauce


Kentucky’s Best Restaurants

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