Mid-South Chess Pie


There are few desserts simpler than basic chess pie and, when it’s made right, nothing better. A congress of eggs, butter and sugar with a dash of cornmeal and sometimes a drop of vanilla and/or vinegar, it comes out of the oven translucent gold; and it melts on the tongue into unadulterated pleasure. It is found throughout the South, sometimes in fancied-up versions such as chocolate-chess. This tour includes some of the greats in the Mid-South and in Texas.


Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen

The Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen is sweet tooth's heaven in Louisville, Kentucky: a huge variety of chess pie, seasonal fruit pie, Shaker sugar pie.


Arnold’s Country Kitchen

Arnold's is one of the best restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee, for a meat and 3 meal, from fried chicken and veggies to chocolate pie and banana pudding.


Texas Pie Company

The Texas Pie Company bakes individual as well as full-size pies. Lemon chess is a standout, as is strawberry cake crowned with fruit-flavored frosting.