Best Places to Eat in Louisville, Kentucky


Where to Eat in Louisville

If you’re in Louisville, Kentucky, for the Derby (or any other reason), Roadfood has a few essential eateries to recommend for the best local, authentic meals. Below are our five favorite locations to eat and drink in Louisville, Kentucky.

Pies, Sandwiches and a Beer Garden

For Derby Pie and countless other fabulous pies and cakes, the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen is a gem. Kentucky’s legendary hot brown sandwich was invented at the Brown Hotel, and is still great there. Mike Linnig’s Restaurant is the place to go for a grand beer-garden fish-camp meal.

Chicken and Mutton

A rich taste of local color can be sampled with a short trip out of town. North over the river is fried chicken at Joe Huber’s Family Farm Restaurant, or west to Owensboro you’ll find superb smoke-cooked mutton at the Moonlight Bar-B-Q.


Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen

Cake and pie-eater's heaven in Louisville, Kentucky: a huge variety of chess pie, seasonal fruit pie, Shaker sugar pie.


Brown Hotel

The Kentucky hot brown was invented in the '20s by the Brown Hotel, which serves a classic: toast topped with turkey under sizzling cheese sauce and bacon.


Mike Linnig’s Restaurant

Outdoor dining by the Ohio River make Mike Linnig's of Louisville a good-weather destination for fried seafood and beer. Indoor dining is fun, too, year around.


Joe Huber’s Family Farm & Restaurant

All you can eat Indiana Fried Chicken is at its best is Huber's glory -- along with biscuits and apple butter and farm-country side dishes.


Moonlite Bar-B-Q

Owensboro, Kentucky considers itself the BBQ capital of the world. Among the best restaurants in town is the Moonlite, where mutton is king on a vast buffet.