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Indianapolis once was known for its superb cafeterias, and there is one glowing legacy of that fact, southwest of town: the magnificent Gray Brothers Cafeteria, where a dozen trips through the line aren’t enough to sample everything that’s good. Prior to lunch at Gray’s, we suggest breakfast at Shapiro’s Deli (also cafeteria style), where the corned beef hash (with house-baked rye bread on the side) is a plate of beauty. Other excellent lunch opportunities include John’s Famous Stew and Mug ‘n” Bun Drive-In near the Raceway for burgers and four-star root beer. For a big deal dinner, steak (and ferocious shrimp cocktail) at St. Elmo Steak House is an enduring treasure, as is skillet-fried chicken at the old-fashioned Hollyhock Hill

Indianapolis’s Most Famous Dishes

Huge slab of prime rib extends far beyond its plate


Cup of chili topped with cheese and chopped raw onions


Brick-red corned beef spills out all sides of the rye bread that holds it. Atop this sandwich is a crusty potato pancake.

Corned Beef Sandwich

Hot dog topped with beefy chili ... beer billiards and burgers

Chili Dogs

Indianapolis’s Best Restaurants

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