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Some of the best donuts in Connecticut are served in Woodbury at Dottie’s Diner. They’re cake donuts: plain, cinnamon-dusted, and frosted, each a Platonic ideal of its type. Dottie’s makes a specialty of old-time farmhouse chicken pies, as once were sold off the back porches of the state’s chicken farmers. Woodbury also is home to a beguiling joint called, suitably enough, El Camion (“the truck”). Here you find artisan tacos and quesadilas as well as chicken, pork, steak, and sweet potato burritos. Once only a food truck that parked along the road, El Camion has added indoor and porch dining facilities.

Woodbury’s Most Famous Dishes

Chicken, gravy, and vegetables tumble from under the savory crust in which they were baked

Chicken Pot Pie

Stack of pancakes loaded with blueberries and spread with butter

Blueberry Pancake

Six thick half-slices of bread, dipped in egg batter and fried, are arrayed on a plate under fruit jam, with a pitcher of syrup on the side.

French Toast

Cup of chili topped with cheese and chopped raw onions


Woodbury’s Best Restaurants

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Great Woodbury Recipes

Root Vegetable Hash

Crème Brulee French Toast


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