Yankee Donut Destinations


A donut’s very shape is satisfying. It is complete, a whole circle, nice to lift and easy to dunk. Almost any recently-made donut from a national chain offers the undeniable satisfaction of sweet, deep-fried fat, but mass-produced ones cannot compare to the edible ecstasy of a fresh donut made by a master. The northeastern United States has more than its fair share of four-star sinkers. This eating tour highlights the region’s best.


Dottie’s Diner

Traditional farm house chicken pie is still available at Dottie's restaurant / diner, as are some of the best cake donuts in Connecticut and all of New England.


Coffee An

A hop off the Merritt Parkway in Westport, Connecticut, Coffee An' makes chocolate donuts that are devil's-food dark and impossible to stop eating.


Neil’s Donut & Bake Shop

Neil's old fashioned donuts are thick and cakey with a wicked exterior crunch. Early in the morning, still warm, they virtually melt in your mouth. A Connecticut best!


Allie’s Donuts

Allie's variety is endless, including honey-dipped and glazed crullers and mighty jelly sticks. No seating: It's all take-out.


Donut Dip

Donut Dip makes some of New England's best donuts: cake, raised, jelly-filled, and iced, plus apple-cider donuts with crunchy crust and creamy insides.

Must Eats

Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts

Manchester, Vermont. Mrs. Murphy's donuts are the simplest pastries imaginable: sturdy circles with a good crunch to their skin and creamy-soft insides.


Orangeside Luncheonette

** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** A breakfast- and lunch-only counter in downtown New Haven, Orangeside Luncheonette serves the best chili dogs in the Nutmeg State. The spicy chili is a finely-grained meat sauce with assertive yet manageable heat. Their top-shelf donuts should not be missed as well, especially the Butter Crunch: pure donut heaven.

Must Eats
Donut, Chili Dog , Egg & Cheese Sandwich

Donut Crazy

A wild-and-crazy restaurant with regular cake donuts and wacky combo donuts, the most outstanding of which is crowned with maple glaze and a large amount of bacon.


Speedy Donut

Speedy Donut is a Roadfood best-bet for its egg-rich, crisp-edged crullers as well as cake donuts, twists, and fritters.