El Camión

Review by: Michael Stern

Here are world-class tacos in Connecticut. For the San Diego classic fish taco, whitefish, marinated in coconut milk and lime and encased with cornmeal, is fried to order, packed hot and crisp into a tortilla along with sweet mango salsa, coarse-cut slaw, and a drizzle of sour cream. The beef taco is ribbons of marinated flank steak, hoisted off the grill and accompanied by tomatillo salsa. Chicken with a margarita marinade comes with pico de gallo. The flavors are big and imposing, but these tacos are elegant – tidy enough that two or even three make a nice meal.

El Camion began as a food truck, and you still see it parked outside. But now there is indoor seating.

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Fish Taco

Chicken Taco



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