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Detroit has its own style of pizza, little known elsewhere until the early 21st century: It’s thick with a crisp crust that is gilded with caramelized cheese, adding a chewy exclamation point to every outside bite. That’s why most of them are cooked square and fairly small, so they can be cut into quarters, each of which offers two sides of crust. Coney Islands (chili dogs) are big in Detroit, too, and not just at the adjoining rival dog joints, Lafayette and American. One other Motor City proclivity is ham; it has restaurants that specialize in it, carved fresh and served with morning eggs or piled into a sandwich or populating of bowls pea soup. Even Slows BBQ amends its upper-Midwest smoke-cooked menu with a Triple Threat Pork sandwich that adds brick-red slices of carved ham to a pile of pulled pork and bacon.

Detroit’s Most Famous Dishes

Two bunned hot dogs covered with chili and shredded cheddar cheese

Coney Island

Five different little bite-size cookies on a shelf at Byrd's of Savannah


Two mugs of coffee, each with a tiny glass pitcher of chilled milk to add


Kielbasa soup with tortellini & greens


Detroit’s Best Restaurants

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