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Norwalk has two pastry providers that are at the top of their game, although it’s a very different game for each. As its name says, Speedy Donut is all about the donuts, especially egg-rich, crisp-edged crullers that set the gold standard. Speedy is a roadside diner with utterly no airs or pretense, its beyond-donut menu a classic short-order list of hashslinger breakfast and lunch. On the other hand, Wave Hill Breads pretty much defines artisan baking, its pain de campagne one of the East Coast’s very best loaves. Beyond bread, the repertoire includes elegant macaroons, muffins, and vanilla citrus scones. True to its Connecticut location, Norwalk has a couple of destination-worthy pizzerias: Letiza’s, which serves thin-crust Neapolitan pies; and Jordan’s, which is a great source for what’s known in the Northeast as Greek-style pizza, meaning a lightweight pie with crisp, yeasty crust.

Norwalk’s Most Famous Dishes

Flaky square pastry with a sugar glaze an dark red guava filling


hot dog with hot mustard and relish

Classic Hot Dogs

Simple, unfrosted, unsprinkled cake donut, suitable for dunking

Cake Donut

Extreme close-up of sausage bites in a drift of melted cheese on a thin-crust pizza

Sausage Pizza

Norwalk’s Best Restaurants

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