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Barbecue in Kansas  City, Kansas, is the real deal. For instance, look at a place called Woodyard Bar-B-Que. It really did start as a woodyard, selling cherry, pecan, and applewood logs to local barbecue parlors. It still sells wood to restaurants and private barbecueists, but it also cooks and serves wonderful pulled pork, ribs, and, on Friday, pecan-smoked salmon. Of special note are Woodyard’s burnt ends, which are available as topping for multi-bean chili. A completely different culinary experience will be found down in Prairie Village at Caffetteria, an eatery and marketplace serving such crafty fare as sweet potato hash, veggie pizza, avocado toast, house-made meat balls, poke bowls, and vegetarian sandwiches.

Kansas City’s Most Famous Dishes

Chunks and shreds from the edges of BBQ brisket are piled up on a plate with French fries

Burnt Ends

Two rib bones are laden with a great mass of spice-crusted, smoke-cooked beef

BBQ Ribs

Crisp-edge, creamy-center French fries sprinkled with salt

French Fries

Finely chopped pork and cole slaw piled in a bun

Barbecue Sandwich

Kansas City’s Best Restaurants

Woodyard Bar-B-Que


Great heap of mixed pork & beef shreds, thick with BBQ sauce at Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que
Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que


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