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Charleston is the eating capital of South Carolina; indeed, it is one of the eating capitals of the East Coast, with a distinctive repertoire that offers flavors of the Deep South — humble and fancy — as well as a memorable taste of the ocean. Some dishes that should be eaten are emblematic of the city in particular and the South Carolina coast in general: Huguenot torte, she-crab soup, hoppin’ John, okra soup, shrimp & grits, and the all-you-can-eat oyster roast. Of course, there are many fine and/or fashionable dining opportunities — we like 82 Queen for swank, Leon’s Poultry and Oyster Shop for urban hip, and The Macintosh for such New American treats as a PBLT (pork belly added) and bone marrow bread pudding. The city’s soul food restaurants are a whole separate eating world, featuring such local favorites as pig tails and neckbones larded into lima bean supper, turkey prioleau (pilau), and sweet potato pie.

Charleston’s Most Famous Dishes

Bowl of glistening butter beans

Butter Beans

Close view of a doot of pimento cheese on a saltine cracker

Pimento Cheese

Mexican shrimp cocktail is a crowd of shrimp along with slivers of avocado in pepper-hot sauce.

Shrimp Cocktail

Thick slices of pork tenderloin painted with BBQ sauce

Pork Tenderloin

Great Charleston Recipes

A crockery cup holds midnight-dark chocolate pudding topped with snowy-white whipped cream.

Hominy Grill Chocolate Pudding

Charleston’s Best Restaurants

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