Restaurants in South Carolina

A land of majestic barbecue and fascinating diverse sauces, including a unique mustard-powered sauce in the center of the state, South Carolina also boasts shrimp, flounder, and oysters that are second to none (shrimp and grits really should be the official state dish). Oyster roasts are big all along the coast, as is the festive sausage-shrimp-corn-potato gallimaufry known as Frogmore stew or Low Country boil. Here in the Low Country, rice is the important starch, and authentic dining experiences range from roadside Gullah cafes to temples of fine Dixie dining in Charleston. South Carolina produces more peaches than nearby Georgia, so its peach cobbler, peach ice cream, peach ham glaze, and peach pie all are noteworthy. The South’s beloved pimento cheese is big in every county; the state capital, Columbia, is where the pimento cheeseburger was invented (and where the best one is served).

South Carolina’s Most Famous Dishes

Burger on a tender bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo ... car hop service

Grilled Hamburger

Macaroni & cheese, spangled with herbs, comes in a small cast-iron pot

Macaroni and Cheese

Salad plate includes slices of orange drizzled with dark balsamic vinaigrette.


Crisp-edge, creamy-center French fries sprinkled with salt

French Fries

South Carolina’s Best Restaurants

Greer BBQ and Fine Foods - Baloney Biscuit
Greer BBQ and Fine Foods


Sgt. White’s Diner - Sign
Sgt. White’s Diner


Sweatman’s - Pork Plate


Morrison’s Burger Hut - Chili Dog
Morrison’s Burger Hut


George & Pink - Scale
George & Pink


Po Pigs Bo-B-Q - Barbecue Buffet
Po Pigs Bo-B-Q


Summerton Diner - Baked Chicken Supreme
Summerton Diner


Carolina Cider Company - Peach Cider
Carolina Cider Company


FIG - Peach & Cucumber Salad


Hominy Grill - Sauteed Shrimp On Cheese Grits
Hominy Grill


Charleston’s Cafe - Kiawah Island Potato Casserole
Charleston’s Cafe


Signe’s Heaven Bound Bakery & Cafe


521 B-B-Q & Grill


Lee’s Famous Recipe


McClellanville Diner


Dave’s Carry-Out


82 Queen


Sugar Bakeshop




Middleton Place Restaurant


Ye Ole Fashioned Ice Cream & Sandwich Cafe


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Spicy shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage all heaped together

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Blackstone's Cafe - Sign

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Both Savannah and Charleston are culinary Meccas; between them is a paradise of good eats. Meandering up the coast, have breakfast at Blackstone's Cafe (shrimp & grits, please!) and...

The OTHER Peach State

Did you know that South Carolina produces more peaches than Georgia? Route 23 through Aiken and Saluda Counties takes you alongside endless orchards where the sunshine-sweet fruit thrives and...

Paper-thin crepes, dusted with powdered sugar, envelop bananas, walnuts, maple syrup and brown sugar


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Peach Desserts

There are few pleasures in life more sensuously delicious than sinking teeth into a perfectly ripe peach to let its juicy, sugared sunshine flood over taste buds. Because their...

Laurel Diner - Corned Beef Hash

Heavenly Corned Beef Hash

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Cozy Corner - Baloney

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Columbia, South Carolina gave birth to the pimento cheeseburger in the 1960s. It happened at a long-gone restaurant called the dairy bar, run by J.C. Reynolds. (In fact, some...

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South Carolina is a magnificent barbecue state with diverse regional styles. Heading north by northwest from the coast, you'll eat red-sauced, mustard-sauced, and minimally-sauced pork. Hash on rice accompanies...

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Great South Carolina Recipes

A crockery cup holds midnight-dark chocolate pudding topped with snowy-white whipped cream.

Hominy Grill Chocolate Pudding


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