Greatest Grits


Grits can be a watery white side dish to fill out a plate of eggs, or they can be the creamiest, earthiest, most delicious corn cereal imaginable. The addition of cheese and/or garlic improves bland versions, but stone-ground grits slow-cooked with milk or cream and plenty of butter need no adornment. As a base for spicy shrimp or gravy-dripping meat, good grits are heaven-sent.


82 Queen

82 Queen is deluxe and expensive, serving inspired versions of coastal Carolina's regional specialties. Number One best-eat is shrimp and creamy grits.


Great Southern Cafe

A casual, sophisticated restaurant with a seafood-focused menu, Great Southern Café offers "new-fashion Southern cuisine." Best bet: smoked Gouda cheese grits.


Chef Eddie’s

Chef Eddie's is a superb soul-food destination in Orlando, serving three meals a day and great feasts for after church on Sunday.


Little Miss BBQ

One of the best BBQs of the Southwest – one of the best anywhere – Phoenix's Little Miss makes brisket, pork and beans that belong on all foodies' bucket list.