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“FIG” is an acronym for Food Is Good; and when you eat in this restaurant, you cannot help but agree. It’s fancier and more expensive than typical Roadfood — expect to spend at least $50 per person, not including drinks — but if you are looking for a memorable Charleston dinner that is polite but not too swanky, you can’t go wrong eating here.

It is a corner storefront on Meeting street with a long bar up front that you pass to get into the dining room. Accommodations are spacious at white-clothed tables topped with white butcher paper; walls are decorated with large, amusing paintings of food; and the staff is friendly and efficient.

The menu is stylish, but with a well-anchored Southern flair. Meals begin with slices of fresh, yeasty bread and sweet butter; how good it is to then fork into a warm salad of local shrimp, pancetta ham, and radicchio! Other compelling appetizer choices include a selection of artisinal cheeses and a plate of Serrano ham with olives, fennel and spiced almonds.

Shrimp also is available as an entree, plated with chorizo in tomato-anise broth; and the rice-flour-dusted flounder with brown butter and capers is an only-in-the-Lowcountry meal. For meat eaters, there is exemplary hanger steak, slow-roasted pork shank, or herb-crusted rack of lamb. Vegetables are served family style, and they are wonderful — especially ham-laced butter beans, roasted beets with sherry vinegar, and sea-salted fingerling potatoes. One of the most interesting aspects of the FIG menu is its inclusion of old-fashioned gourmet treats such as steak tartare, coq au vin, and roast suckling pig.

You will pass the dessert table as you walk into the dining room from the bar. It is beautiful, and the ones we have tried are utterly satisfying — in particular, the banana tarte tatin and the blueberry tarte.

What to Eat
FIG, Hanger Steak
Hanger Steak
Normally, the oh-so-succulent hanger steak comes with filet beans and celery root potatoes, but a certain one of us Sterns was watching her carbs, and so asked for it with spaghetti squash instead. As if this cut of steak weren't rich enough, that's herbed butter melting on top of the meat.
FIG, Pepper Seared Tuna
Pepper Seared Tuna
Pepper seared tuna is presented atop a bed of tomato concasse, topped with frisee, and drizzled with elegant olive oil.
FIG, Butter Beans
Butter Beans
No secondary side-dish, toothsome butter beans are deeply satisfying, laced with ribbons of salty-sweet Serrano ham.
FIG, Blueberry Tart
Blueberry Tart
You pass the dessert table on your way through the bar into the dining room. This blueberry tart is one of its star attractions.
FIG, Warm Salad Of Shrimp And Radicchio
Warm Salad Of Shrimp And Radicchio
This warm salad of shrimp and radicchio was perhaps the single most delicious thing we ate during five days in Charleston.
FIG, Roasted Beets
Roasted Beets
Did I detect some honey in the sherry vinegar that glistens on this roasted beets? Some pieces verge on crunchy while others want to dissolve on the tongue.
FIG, Strube Ranch Bistro Steak
Strube Ranch Bistro Steak
FIG's menu notes that the kitchen uses all-natural, hormone-antibiotic free meat. This steak is evidence that such ecological virtue has some very delicious rewards. It bursts with beef flavor. Alongside it on the plate are heirloom potatoes and bush beans plastered with pesto.
FIG, Crispy Pork Shoulder
Crispy Pork Shoulder
A hunk of juice-oozing 'Sandy Rose Farms pork shoulder' sits atop a bed of pureed sweet potatoes alongside broccoli rabe and two kinds of roasted beet.
FIG, Panna Cotta of Greek Yogurt
Panna Cotta of Greek Yogurt
Simple, stylish, and drop-dead delicious, panna of Greek yogurt reduces the dairy dish to its creamy, tangy essence. Add local berries and consomme of rhubarb and you have an unusual dessert never to be forgotten.
FIG, Banana Tarte-Tatin
Banana Tarte-Tatin
To the right: densely sweet banana tarte tatin. At the left: a giant droplet of chocolate caramel ice cream. This one had me wanting to lick the plate clean.
FIG, Peach & Cucumber Salad
Peach & Cucumber Salad
Carolina peach and Persian cucumber salad.
FIG, Frisee Salad
Frisee Salad
Note the poached sea-island egg atop the frisee salad. The picture does not do justice to how much bacon is laced into the frisee, nor to how intensely garlicky the dressing is.
FIG, Suckling Pig
Suckling Pig
Suckling Pig
FIG, Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp cocktail includes slices of avocado and tomato.
FIG, Bass
Fillet of bass is sprinkled with garden vegetables.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Monday5pm - 10:30pm
Tuesday5pm - 10:30pm
Wednesday5pm - 10:30pm
Thursday5pm - 10:30pm
Friday5pm - 10:30pm
Saturday5pm - 10:30pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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