Restaurants in Cleveland, OH

100+ vendors sell good things to eat and cook at Cleveland’s West Side Market, which is a cornucopia of pasta and pierogies, Mexican, Asian, and Greek food, hot dogs and bratwursts and crepes and cupcakes, a walleye sandwich and a bag of dichotomy popcorn (cheddar/caramel corn). The city itself offers opportunity to tuck into a piled-high corned beef sandwich at Slyman’s, a Parmeggadon sandwich that includes cheese, kraut, pierogies, and potatoes at Melt Bar & Grilled out in Lakewood, and some of the best Hungarian food anywhere at the long-standing Balaton — a Roadfood landmark since 1964. At the city’s southern outskirts is the town of Parma, an enclave of central European delights such as kielbasa sandwiches, Polish hunter’s stew, chicken paprikash, and multi-layer dobos torte.

Cleveland’s Best Restaurants

Hot Sauce Williams




Thin-sliced, brick-red corned beef is piled ridiculously high between two slices of rye bread
Slyman’s Restaurant




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