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A Unique Donut in Bozeman

A tasty generic donut is not hard to come by. At every turn you are met with the same places – the donut kings, so to speak: Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, even Tim Hortons. Turning sights away from the big dogs in the donut world, one is able to find true donut gems. Granny’s Gourmet Donuts in Bozeman, Montana, is one of the best, uniquely encapsulating all that America loves about donuts: the mouthwatering grease, the flaky icing, the spongy base, and the utter love put into each donut.

The Donut Gods

As we entered Granny’s, I was immediately taken by the rag tag trio of staff who were scattered about the restaurant. It seemed like they just grabbed three random people who had been standing outside and told them that from now on they would be working here. Fortunately, my preconceived notions were wrong. These were not three random men, they were donut gods.

What donut should I eat at Granny’s Gourmet Donuts?

Our donut feast include a Glazed Cake Donut, a Regular Glazed Donut, a Boston Cream Pie Donut, a Raspberry Topped Donut, and a Strawberry Topped Donut.

The Glazed Cake Donut is firm and dense but with a moist, soft mouth-feel. It is smothered with the classic, flakey, sweet vanilla glaze that successfully seals in all the flavors and simple succulence.

Granny’s Regular Glazed Donut is all you could ever hope for when it comes to this American delicacy. Its base is delicate and pillowy and fully drenched in a thick, devilishly sweet crust of the vanilla-laced glaze. My picture of the donut does not do it justice. You need to sink your teeth into it in order to truly appreciate the fantastic marriage of flavors this sweet treat achieves.

I consider myself a Boston Cream Pie connoisseur, an addict if you will. The Boston Cream Pie Donut at Granny’s is perfect. It is smothered in a thick, rich layer of dense chocolate and filled to the absolute brim with cool, smooth, silky cream. It is hard to take a bite of this donut without falling in love. Somehow, Granny’s was able to make me enjoy Boston Cream Pie even more than I previously did (something that I had considered to be an impossible feat).

The Raspberry and Strawberry Topped Donuts are so elementary and basic that it is a total surprise to me that no one had mastered these simple, unembellished donuts before. Granny’s delicate bases are topped with a sweet, grainy jam of fruit along with pieces of fresh strawberries and raspberries. The mix of these pure, uncomplicated flavors creates something exceptional, something that should be tried at least once in everybody’s life.

A cheap eat with excellent flavor

A Granny’s donut costs one dollar, so you can try as many as you like without making much of a dent in your wallet. I suggest coming as early as possible to have your pick of flavors.

Granny’s Donuts is one in a million, and I will most definitely return.

-Original Review by azelson

What To Eat

Glazed Cake Donut

Regular Glazed Donut

Boston Cream Pie Donut

Raspberry Topped Donut

Strawberry Topped Donut


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