The Best Gas Station Food in America

by Michael Stern

“Eat Here. Get Gas”: It’s a roadside jest as old as gas stations themselves.  (Before gas stations, pioneering motorists bought gas in pharmacies.) The fact is that most food found in gas stations, if not actually odious, is forgettable. But the Roadfood roster contains a handful of places where you can fuel up, coffee up, freshen up, and buy sundries … and also find a memorably delicious meal. Here are 13 favorites where the regional food is so good that they are worth a detour even if your tank is full.


P&H Truck Stop

Freshly baked bread has made the P&H Truck Stop a Vermont destination. It's open round the clock, serving square meals worthy of a fine diner.


Patty’s Pantry

It's only a gas station canteen, but excellent chicken and fries make Patty's a good mom and pop stop just off I-84 in Connecticut.

Must Eats
Fried Chicken , French Fries

Sting Ray’s

Located in a gas station, Sting Ray's is known as Chez Exxon because of the quality of Chesapeake Bay seafood & sweet potato ham biscuits the restaurant serves.


Chicken Coop

It's a gas-station restaurant, but the Chicken Coop serves memorable Virginia fried chicken. While ideal piping hot, it stays delicious for hours.


Roy’s Grille

Although it is a minimalist gas-station cafe, Roy's Grille offers scrupulously well-prepared breakfast and lunch, including exquisite shrimp and grits.


Dave’s Grill & Grocery

Dave's is a rural grocery / gas station / cafe / butcher serving exemplary burgers & fries, meat-and-3, and breakfast sandwiches with house-made sausage.



At the back of an ordinary-looking Marathon gas station in Biloxi, Fayard's serves some of the best po boy sandwiches along Mississippi's Gulf Coast.


Gustafson’s Smoked Fish and Beef Jerky

Gustafson’s is a Michigan gas station party store with smoked-on-premises jerky & lake fish, including whitefish, trout, menominee, and chub, all sold to-go.


Fuel City Tacos

A Dallas convenience store, gas station and beer depot, Fuel City offers delicious, inexpensive tacos. Dining facilities are just a few picnic tables outside.

Must Eats

Chef Point Café

Gas station food par excellence, not typical convenience store fare! Specialties include chicken & waffles, $40+ steaks and bread pudding with hot cognac sauce.

Must Eats
Duck a l’Orange

Czech Stop

A bakery located just yards from Interstate 35 north of Waco, Texas, the Czech Stop is a good source of the locally-favored pastry known as a kolache.


Weikel’s Store and Bakery

Weikel's is a Texas gas station convenience store with a fantastic bakery making kolaches -- puffy little Czech-origin pastries like soulful Danishes.

Must Eats

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

Even sauceless, Joe's pork is fantastic:, radiant with smoke flavor. Best dish is the Smokie Joe sandwich, which combines pork, beef, and zesty sauce.