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Las Vegas has some of everything, from high-dollar celebrity chef cuisine to affordable home cooking and a number of hidden-gem restaurants aimed at local tastes and locals’ wallets. Nevada’s culinary personality north of Las Vegas is very different, the notable eating opportunities found in Basque Hotels in towns along Interstate 80. Here you find groaning-board, family-style feasts with multiple courses of steaks and chops, paella, stews, soup, beans, French bread, and plenty of red wine. These meals were entrenched in the north for the Basque shepherds who came to town from their fields to take a bath and eat the food of their homeland.

Nevada’s Most Famous Dishes

Fried chicken drumstick and thigh rest upon greens and corn

Fried Chicken

Bakery-fresh loaf of Italian bread, resting on the bag it was sold in

Bread & Rolls

A plated stack of 5 hefty pancakes with pitchers of melted butter and syrup


Salad plate includes slices of orange drizzled with dark balsamic vinaigrette.


Nevada’s Best Restaurants

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