Heavenly Corned Beef Hash


The only possible happy exclamation incited by corned beef hash spooned from a can is “Arf!” But freshly chopped and sizzled to a crisp, crowned with poached eggs eager to trickle yolk at first poke, corned beef hash can be breakfast, lunch, supper or midnight snack of the gods. Here are 10 favorite Roadfood hash havens.



Marcy’s Diner

At the well-worn counter of Marcy's Diner in Portland, Maine, tuck into hearty plates of corned beef hash, pancakes & chili cheese omelets. Good muffins, too.


Up For Breakfast

Pancakes glazed with maple syrup at Up For Breakfast are the best of Vermont, made from sunny buttermilk batter, dark buckwheat batter, or sourdough batter.


Laurel Diner

Laurel is a vintage Connecticut diner with terrific corned beef hash and even more terrific hash brown potatoes. Dine at the counter to see cooks perform.


Harold’s New York Deli

Harold's is a large, brash New Jersey restaurant that serves enormous portions of top-quality pastrami, corned beef, latkes, and all other Jewish deli food.


Blackstone’s Café

A bare-table cafe near the waterfront in Beaufort, South Carolina, Blackstone's is a good destination for corned beef hash, grits, eggs, and a sticky bun.


Highland Park Diner

Highland Park Diner of Rochester, New York serves diner food at diner prices, but does so with panache and high culinary standards. Everything's from scratch.


Manny’s Coffee Shop

Manny's is a Chicago treasure, a big, cafeteria-style restaurant with a vast menu featuring some of the city's best corned beef, sided by potato pancakes.



McBob's is a cheerful Milwaukee tavern / restaurant with a great Friday fish fry and some of the best corned beef (and corned beef hash) anywhere.


Mary’s Hash House

Mary's Hash House is a Las Vegas, Nevada, restaurant serving from-scratch hash-browns, sausage & biscuits, jams & jellies, and yes, hash.


Bette’s Oceanview Diner

Gorgeous souffle pancakes at Bette's diner in Berkeley are a taste of heaven. A Bay area breakfast best!