Peach Desserts


There are few pleasures in life more sensuously delicious than sinking teeth into a perfectly ripe peach to let its juicy, sugared sunshine flood over taste buds. Because their sweetness is so intense but also is tempered by a slight spicy edge, peaches have a unique presence in all kinds of desserts. Here are a dozen places that make the most of them: in pies, cobblers, popsicles, donuts, and ice cream.


Burris Farm Market Bakery

Burris is a Gulf Coast Alabama farm stand with a bakery in back that serves strawberry shortcake, Key lime pie, and apple dumplings.


Frog Hollow Farm

Beautiful pears, peaches, nectarines, and plums come to San Francisco's Ferry Building from Frog Hollow's organic farm in the Sacramento River Delta.


Moody’s Restaurant

Moody's Restaurant is a Northern Louisiana destination for a memorable meat-and-three meal, followed by a dessert of homemade pie or cobbler.


Honey From the Rock Cafe

Serving 4-star Dixie cafeteria fare with spiritual purpose, Augusta's Honey from the Rock is known for baked chicken, crisp corn fritters & homemade ice cream.


Strawn’s Eat Shop

Strawn's is the place to go in Shreveport for great pie -- especially strawberry ice box -- and comfort food. Dining room decor includes attractive murals.


La’wan’s Soul Food Restaurant

Serving such soul food favorites as fried chicken, salmon cakes, catfish, and pork chops, La'wan's has become a Charlotte soul food landmark.


Lane Southern Orchards

Located 5 minutes off I-75 in Georgia, Lane Southern Orchards is a good stop for cobblers and sandwiches and fresh peaches from late spring through summer.

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Donut Man

Donut Man in Glendora on Historic Route 66 is one of the country's best donut destinations. Summer-only fresh fruit-filled donuts are truly peerless.

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AQ Chicken House

One of the USA's best chicken restaurants, AQ offers fried chicken, charcoal chicken and BBQ chicken with excellent side dishes and fried peaches for dessert.

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Antique Sandwich Co.

This casual, quirky, family-owned restaurant in Tacoma's Port Defiance neighborhood has been serving healthy fare for over 40 years.

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Harry’s Roadhouse

Harry's Roadhouse is a colorful Santa Fe, New Mexico, restaurant with a three-meal-a-day repertoire from lemon ricotta hotcakes to cool margaritas.