12 of the Best Pie Places in America


First, we apologize to the Stockholm Pie Company in Wisconsin, to Nick’s Kitchen in Huntington, Indiana, to the Bang Bang Pie Shop in Chicago, and to Beardsley Cider Mill in Shelton, Connecticut. They are all memorable pie destinations, worth any detour. But the premise of this was to chose the Best Pie Places in America that serve legendary pie. One dozen, and not even a baker’s dozen. (If we could choose 13, buttermilk pie at the Red Shed in Graniteville, SC, surely would have made the list.) No, with a fond salute to the many fine pie bakers around the country whom we were unable to include, here is our personal choice of the twelve best places to eat pie in America.


Elegant Farmer

Wisconsin's Elegant Farmer bakes its apple pies in paper bags. The result is what many consider to be the best pie in the Midwest. Certainly, the best crust.


Cherry Hut

The Cherry Hut is a Michigan restaurant serving some of the best cherry pie anywhere-- sweet and a little tart, with flaky crust that adds a savory note.



Henry's serves some of the best pies anywhere. Butterscotch is a favorite: thick and dense, full flavored and topped with creamy meringue. * CLOSED *


Hoosier Mama Pie Company

Some of the best pies in Chicago, the Midwest -- best anywhere! -- are baked and served at the storefront restaurant Hoosier Mama.


Otis Cafe

The Otis Cafe is a tiny Oregon cottage that serves large breakfasts and mighty sandwiches for lunch. The bread is homemade as are superb pies.


Apple Pan

A Los Angeles landmark, serving great burgers and fries since 1947. Apple Pan's pies are the best, baked daily and from-scratch excellent.


Pie ‘N Burger

Beautiful fruit and meringue pies are made fresh daily; burgers are classic California: thin with crisp edges, loaded into squishy buns with pickles & onions.

Must Eats

Woodruff’s Cafe & Pie Shop

At Woodruff's, you must finish your meal with pie. Coconut pie has a firm custard filling with lots of toasted coconut and an impossibly airy meringue.

Must Eats
Pie , Pulled-pork Barbecue sandwich

Ms. Lena’s Pies

Ms. Lena's of De Valls Bluff makes Arkansas-excellent pies, sold whole or by the slice. No indoor dining. All take-out or eat-off-the dashboard.



A beacon of from-scratch Midwest comfort cooking, Carol's cafe serves superb hot turkey and hot meat loaf sandwiches and a repertoire of blue-ribbon pies.


Monument Café

The Monument Café in Georgetown makes some of the best pies in Texas; meals that precede them (including breakfast) are masterful roadside-restaurant classics.


Royers Round Top Cafe

The wide-ranging menu of Royer's Round Top is sophisticated comfort food; its star is pie. Here are what some consider the best pies in Texas or anywhere.

Must Eats
Pecan Pie a la Mode , Buttermilk Delight Pie