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One of the best

First of all, the name of this place can be a little confusing. The sign hanging over the front door calls it Moody’s Place. A smaller hand printed sign over the parking lot says Moody Café. An interior sign goes with the name Moody’s Restaurant. And then you have to actually find it. Tucked away in a residential neighborhood, Moody’s puts the “hidden” in hidden gem. If you can get past those issues, you will be rewarded with a memorable meal in one of the South’s best meat-and threes.

Don’t expect a menu to be brought to your table. A huge menu board plasters the back wall with a list of everything the kitchen makes. There is a white dot next to each item and if that dot is filled in, (green for entrees and vegetables, blue for desserts and yellow for drinks), then that item is available. As tempting as the baked chicken and dressing looked on nearby tables, I couldn’t pass up chicken and dumplings. A comfort food classic, this is soft, misshapen dumplings, with both white and dark meat. The vegetables are world class: highly seasoned field peas, earthy turnip greens infused with pork, and fresh, sweet oven baked corn, available as a special.

You cannot leave Moody’s without trying dessert or in my case, two desserts. The wonderful coconut pie was highlighted by a thick layer of homemade whipped topping. Even better was the peach cobbler with just the right mix of sugary sweet breading and slices of fresh fruit.

Moody’s is ultra casual and run by genuinely welcoming people. One note of warning: it is open for lunch on Mondays through Fridays only.

What to Eat
Moody’s Restaurant, Peach Cobbler
Peach Cobbler
I prefer lots of breading in my cobblers and this version was just right.
Moody’s Restaurant, Iced Tea
Iced Tea
When you order iced tea (sweet, of course), you get a pitcher. I also appreciate a glass filled to the top with ice.
Moody’s Restaurant, Chicken Dumplings
Chicken Dumplings
Meals are brought to you in partioned white plates.
Moody’s Restaurant, Field Peas
Field Peas
Seasoned for maximum flavor, Moody's has a real way with Southern vegetables.
Moody’s Restaurant, Oven Bakes Corn
Oven Bakes Corn
My favorite vegetable here, this reminded me of creamed corn without the cream.
Moody’s Restaurant, Turnip Greens
Turnip Greens
You can see the small chunks of pork in the turnip greens.
Moody’s Restaurant, Coconut Pie
Coconut Pie
I am generally more of a meringue fan, but this was a fine layer of dense whipped topping.
Moody’s Restaurant, Hushpuppies
You get your choice of cornbread or hushpuppies. The hushpuppies are dense with just a hint of sweetness.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Monday11am - 2:30pm
Tuesday11am - 2:30pm
Wednesday11am - 2:30pm
Thursday11am - 2:30pm
Friday11am - 2:30pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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