Frog Hollow Farm

Review by: Michael Stern

Frog Hollow Farm mainly is in the business of selling fruit. Pears, peaches, apples, nectarines, plums, and grapes come from an organic farm on the Sacramento River Delta. You can buy the fruit at the Frog Hollow Market in the Ferry Building, where its freshness puts waxy supermarket fare to shame.

The market also sells pastries made from the fruit: turnovers, galettes, tarts and tartlets; and while we never have had one that didn’t cause us to moan with ecstasy, the cherry tartlet is nothing short of orgasmic. A delicate sheath of buttery pastry hugs fruit that is extremely sweet and extremely tart, the antipodes generating unspeakable excitement among taste buds coaxed to do their damnedest.

The coffee is swell (fair trade organic, natch) and if, somehow, you are not a cherry fan, how about a turnover filled with rhubarb or gingered apples, a creamed scone (with Frog Hollow marmalade), or a fruit pocket that is a million dollar Pop Tarts? The highlight of summer, other than the sensational fresh fruits themselves, is Frog Hollow’s real peach popsicle.

Beyond magnificent sweet things, a short cafe menu offers sandwiches, soups, and salads, including the first and last word in avocado toast.

What To Eat

Cherry Tartlet

Savory Turnover

Peach Popsicle


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