House of Nanking

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House of Nanking: world class cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Expect the average entrée to cost roughly $8 to $12. You should go dressed very casually.

Atmosphere: there is none. You will more than likely end up sitting next to a couple you don’t even know, which adds to the flavor and experience. Architecturally, the restaurant is in an unusual structure, a box! The restaurant has no contemporary or modern décor. The interior is enhanced by stacks of supplies that will be needed by the kitchen later that afternoon. You will feel like you’ve stepped into a small local favorite restaurant in downtown China.

The fact that people are literally lined up out the door most every afternoon and evening speaks to the amazing quality of food, despite the austere surroundings. Just because you are third in line doesn’t mean you will be third to enter. You and your party will be summoned depending on how many are in your party and the corresponding seating space available.

What to eat at House of Nanking

INSIDER SECRET… When the time comes to order, ask for the owner, hand the menu back to him and say, “I trust you.” The chef will prepare for you a culinary party on a plate.

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What To Eat

Spicy Chicken

Sesame Chicken

Fried Dumplings


House of Nanking Recipes


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