Best Benedicts


One morning at the turn of the last century, Lemuel Benedict shuffled into New York’s Waldorf Hotel looking for a dish to cure his hangover. He asked for poached eggs, bacon, and hollandaise on white toast. The bacon morphed into Canadian bacon and the toast into an English muffin and the dish that bears Benedict’s name was born. While there’s nothing wrong with the classic formula, its simplicity encourages such creative variations as crab cake Benedict, smoked salmon Benedict, veggie Benedict, and bagel Benedict. In all of them, it’s the refined glow of buttery, lemon-tweaked hollandaise sauce that makes the difference.



For breakfast in Seattle's Capitol Hill, go to Glo's. Best bets: beautiful eggs Benedict, waffles topped with fresh berries, sour cream coffee cake.


13 Coins

A rare slice of mid-20th century Americana, Seattle's 13 Coins is open 24/7 for meals that range from sandwiches and burgers to surf 'n' turf.


Matt’s Big Breakfast

Looking around Phoenix for breakfast prepared with kitchen expertise and using the best from-scratch ingredients? Put Matt's at the top of the list.


Hot Plate

Decor at Minneapolis' Hot Plate is kitsch, including Paint-by-Numbers art; but there's nothing silly about the food -- a mindful exaltation of diner fare.


Breakfast Shoppe

Open only for breakfast and lunch, this cheerful Maryland cafe offers freshly squeezed juice and beautiful pancakes as well as egg dishes plain and fancy.


Kitchen Little

Omelets are stupendous at this shoreline restaurant, but don't slight lunch: fine burgers, world-class fried clams, and Southern New England Style clam chowder.


Sunny Day Diner

The beautiful Sunny Day diner gets the finest vanilla available for ice cream and makes from-scratch turkey croquettes and homey gravy. A New Hampshire gem!