Jamm’s Restaurant

One of the best

Off Las Vegas’s beaten track, Jamm’s is all about breakfast. Coffee is hot and flowing; omelets are stuffed with all manner of eccentric fillings (and are available as burritos if you prefer).

Jamm’s signature omelette is stuffed with Philly cheese steak hash, grill-browned onions, and mushrooms, the whole thing brought together with the Vegas steakhouse-inspired finish of Béarnaise sauce, rich with tarragon. On the side, homefries are pleasantly toothsome, including diced sweet red bell peppers in harmony with green ones.

In a Reuben omelet, corned beef is chopped to the size of bacon lardons and firmed up on the grill. Lots of melted Swiss is called for, and even 1000 Islands dressing fits right in.

French toast fries actually are deep-fried: tasty enough, but basically kid’s menu fare. Like any fried bread, oil absorption is an issue. Larger strips stay custardy in the middle, while smaller ones become crunchier and very oily.

The best thing about Jamm’s is its pot of bread. This is a yeasty, muffin-like bread puffed out like a dinner-roll popover. It’s available as a bread choice to accompany eggs, but a couple pots of bread and a cup of coffee would be a nice breakfast. One version is apple and Nutella, which includes one little chunk of apple and half a schmear of Nutella. Cinnamon-raisin is a good choice, but we like the plain white pot of bread best of all. The slightly sweet bread is good enough without any flavorings other than a dab of whipped butter.

What to Eat
Jamm’s Restaurant, Jamm’s Signature Omelette
Jamm’s Signature Omelette
The chopped steak filling isn’t obvious for a fluffy omelette, but it’s perfect for Vegas.
Jamm’s Restaurant, Rueben Omelette
Rueben Omelette
A great omelette, and one we'd come back for.
Jamm’s Restaurant, Pot Of Bread
Pot Of Bread
This soft yeasty bread is a major upgrade over toast, muffins, or even most biscuits.
Jamm’s Restaurant, Cinnamon Raisin Pot Of Bread
Cinnamon Raisin Pot Of Bread
The always available variation on the plain Pot of Bread.
Jamm’s Restaurant, Apple Nutella Pot Of Bread
Apple Nutella Pot Of Bread
Today's special pot of bread: Nutella and apple.
Jamm’s Restaurant, French Toast Fries
French Toast Fries
Deep fried crunchy and not too sweet, ideal for syrup dunking.
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Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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