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Indochinese donut shops are a perk for early risers in Southern California. Best of all are sinker-slingers offering strong Vietnamese coffee — a major improvement over standard donut shop java. Right down the road from the Magic Kingdom is the best place to experience the joys of Vietnamese jolty joe and clever donuts. If they were all Glee Donuts and Burgers offered, it would still be worth recommending, but they’re only the tip of the cream puff. Speaking of which, get some cream puffs. They might be the best thing going at the pastry counter. They softly melt in your mouth and meld harmoniously with a syrupy cup of coffee. 

The yeast donuts have a rich flavor and airy webbing. The cake donuts have a nice crumb and aren’t too oily. Red velvet cake donuts are a high note. The signature blueberry raised donut has an eye-catching purple glaze and barely walks on the right side of candy-like artificiality in the fruit flavor, featuring tasty, visible bits of blueberries.

Glee is most famous for burgers. The patties are somewhere between the griddled pucks of In-N-Out and thicker diner versions. Instead of “animal-style,” Glee offers Stinkin’ Style, which means cooked in garlic oil similar to California favorite garlic fries (which also are on the menu).

We love the Cajun fries. These are coated with crab boil seasoning and sharp with black pepper. They’re a logical match for Glee’s most famous burger: the soft shell crab burger. Here, the beef is topped with a fried soft shell crab, bacon and avocado. Wisely, the crab isn’t breaded. It has a natural saline sweetness and its blistered immature shell resembles roasted tomatoes. If ground beef and soft shell crabs aren’t an obvious match, the bacon effectively builds a crispy bridge between them. The shellfish burger and spiced fries make for a cleverly Cajun take on America’s favorite combo meal. The “secret sauce” served with the fries is a pretty Cajun tasting mayo as well. “V-Drip” iced coffee with condensed milk makes a fitting Viet-Cajun milkshake replacement. 

Glee is popular with neighborhood locals for breakfast burritos and sandwiches. “The works” breakfast burrito includes crisp bacon, soft ham, and bouncy Polish sausage, which makes for a collage of textures. The accompanying salsa is fresh, peppery and mild, just right for eggs.  

Some people blend the donut and burger streams to order burgers with donuts for buns. If you want to revel in excess, go for it! We wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from playing. Glee is, above all else, a fun and friendly place. 

What to Eat
Glee Donuts and Burgers, Softshell Crab Burger
Softshell Crab Burger
The softshell crab burger at Glee Donuts and Burgers is a smart combination of land and sea.
Glee Donuts and Burgers, Cajun Fries
Cajun Fries
Spicy Cajun fries elevate a great burger to essential status.
Glee Donuts and Burgers, V-drip Iced Coffee
V-drip Iced Coffee
Most Vietnamese coffee in town sits out and is merely iced to order. The excellent V-Drip here is brewed fresh to order.
Glee Donuts and Burgers, Cream Puff
Cream Puff
The cream puffs are perfect foils for a tall sweet cup of Vietnamese iced coffee.
Glee Donuts and Burgers, Strawberry Croissant
Strawberry Croissant
The pastries are above par here. This croissant comes stuffed with pastry creme and fresh strawberries.
Glee Donuts and Burgers, Blueberry Donut
Blueberry Donut
The signature donut calls out from the case with its bright frosting and visible chunks of berries
Glee Donuts and Burgers, “The Works” Breakfast Burrito
“The Works” Breakfast Burrito
Every breakfast meat comes in "the works" breakfast burritos. The eggs are noticeably fluffy.
Glee Donuts and Burgers, Red Velvet Cake Donuts
Red Velvet Cake Donuts
The red velvet donuts here are some of the best cake donuts we've had.
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