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Dallas is cosmopolitan enough to offer good meals from everywhere around the country and the world, and at every level of formality and price. Roadfood’s focus is on restaurants that reflect the soul of the city in particular, Texas and the Southwest in general: places like Norma’s Cafe for chicken fried steak and cream pie, Sweet Georgia Brown for lavish soul-food feasts and, just west in Grapevine near the airport, true Lone Star BBQ at Bartley’s and authentic chili at Tolbert’s. A favorite Dallas stop is Fuel City Tacos, where masterfully constructed (but minimally expensive) tacos are sold from a takeout window 24/7. To be honest, it’s Fuel City’s sprawling personality as much as the tacos that make it an irresistible destination. It has a warehouse worth of beer by the can, bottle, and case for sale and there are real longhorn cattle grazing in back and you dine at a picnic table with the Dallas skyline looming overhead.

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