Opening Bell Coffee

Review by: Emily Madsen

At Opening Bell Coffee, your morning routine is in for a twist. Fresh pastries, both sweet and savory, plus an entire menu of breakfast and lunch options is just the beginning. Drinks range from classics to entirely crazy and whimsical. In addition, Opening Bell also features live music almost every night of the week: a band, solo artists, open mic; the offerings continuously change.

One of our favorite drinks is essentially a coffee milkshake. Called the coffee cooler, it combines ice cream, espresso, milk, chocolate, and caramel. It will satisfy any sweet tooth craving and give you a morning kick at the same time. It is rich and silky but not to the point that it’s too much to finish. We downed ours in only a few minutes.

Lattes and smoothies are exquisite. With a strong coffee flavor and plenty of milk options to make anyone happy, But it’s not only about coffee. Opening Bell is a good spot even for those who aren’t looking to get caffeinated. Smoothies are a good option, and those who are adventurous can try a new menu item listed as a frozen mimosa. It is frozen orange juice in a ball with champagne poured over the top.

The laid back, artistic atmosphere of Opening Bell is enough to entice anyone to stay a while. Meal options are a wide range from classic eggs to quiche to pastries. With a coffee and some live music, this is a great place for any breakfast lover.

Note: Tuesday is open-mike night.

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Coffee Cooler

Green Smoothie


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