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Utah’s unique signature dish is the scone, which is less like the English-ancestored quick bread and more like what the southwest knows as fry bread, close cousin to New Mexico’s sopaipilla. Utah scones are served soon out of the fry kettle, still warm, always with honey or honey butter for spreading or dipping. They’re right at every meal, but most common at breakfast in lieu of toast or biscuits. Similar breads are used in the southern regions of the state as the foundation for Navajo tacos. The other dish that supposedly was invented in Utah and is now occasionally found in other parts of the west is fry sauce. That’s a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise with perhaps a jot of garlicky spice or a soupcon of pickle juice. It’s always gentle-tempered, mostly used as a dip for French fries, but also sometimes as a condiment for burgers.

Utah’s Most Famous Dishes

Strawberry shake in a tall soda fountain glass is accompanied by a silver beaker of extra milk shake for refills


Puffy, plate-size fry bread holds ground beef, lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese.

Navajo Taco

"Dam sandwich": Ribeye steak shares space with a burger and cheese in this foot-tall sandwich

Steak Sandwich

Condiment array at an al fresco hot dog stand


Utah’s Best Restaurants

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