As most patrons of coffee houses know it, a scone is a dense Scottish quickbread. It can be cinnamon-dusted, berry-dotted, or glazed, and it does vie with biscotti as a righteous coffee companion. But in Utah, a scone is something else altogether. It resembles (and is no doubt descended from) the sopaipilla of New Mexico and Navajo fry bread found in much of the Southwest. A puffy, deep-fried pillow of sweet yeast dough that develops a slightly crisp skin around airy insides, it is served hot from the kettle accompanied by a pitcher or squeeze bottle of honey. Utah’s modern scone shops offer them dolloped with jelly and jam and even alamoded with ice cream.

Restaurants With This Dish

Sugar Magnolia Bakery & Cafe | Oven-Baked Georgia Bests


High Desert Market and Cafe


Bread & Chocolate


Triple Oak Bakery


Whistle Stop
Pioneer Coffee Company



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