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Just because its prices are implausibly low, do not think that Guanajuato short-shrifts clientele. The food does not cheap out. No, you won’t get a deluxe meal. But do expect a good one. Here you have yet another of Aiken County’s south-of-the-border family-run jewels that offer quality Mexican food priced right. (Two other faves: 3 Caminos, Las Palmas) Yes, it is possible to spend over $10 for a full-bore meal. But plate-lunch specials (burritos, tacos, chile rellenos, tamales, etc.) cost about $5.


Nothing about the hole-in-the-wall in Clearwater Plaza reflects the Mexican state for which it is named. More stereotypical Mexican food, not provincial, dominates the menu. For instance, ask for a red enchilada. You will not get crisp, vegetable-stuffed enchiladas mineras that are a Guanajuato signature dish. You get familiar soft rolled packets lolling in red sauce. That’s alright, because the sauce rates high. Each morning the kitchen makes it: an herby, earthy, modestly peppery brew. Enchiladas come stuffed with cheese, beans, beef, chicken, or shrimp. An enchiladas supremas plate holds one of each.

Salsa and Drinks

Memorable red salsa begins the meal. The waiter presents it in an aluminum foil-topped cruet. Pour some into the little dish provided. Now dip some chips. The chips themselves don’t hold much interest. But they do a fine job conveying the homespun sauce from dish to mouth. To accompany hors d’oeuvre and the meal, drink choices include beer, aguas frescas, and margaritas by the glass or pitcher.

Don’t Ignore Shrimp

Being landlocked, the state of Guanajuato does not conjure up images of great seafood. But the restaurant Guanajuato offers ceviche, crawfish by the pound, and a bevvy of nice shrimp dishes. Shrimp cocktail wins kudos. A school of firm, sweet shrimp crowd a large goblet along with slivers of avocado in sweet tomato sauce. That’s quality Mexican food!

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