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One out of five Houstonians was born somewhere other than the United States. That means that in addition to its true-Texas BBQ, steak, and plate-lunch fare, it is a fount of meals that expertly reflect the cuisines of Mexico and South America as well as southeast Asia. A longtime city favorite for Mexican food is Irma’s, where tortillas are freshly made and dessert can be New Mexican sopaipillas topped with nuts and honey. Houston is especially rich with excellent hamburgers. They’re lunch-counter style at the Avalon Diner, which also offers squeezed-to-order lemonade and milk shakes delivered in silver beakers that hold at least 2-1/2 tall glasses full. Lankford Grocery, which has been flipping burgers since the 1930s, offers hand-pattied beauties that are fried to crisp-edged succulence and served singly as well as in stacks of two or three. Breakfast includes such Tex-Mex dishes a chilaquiles, migas, huevos rancheros, and breakfast tacos. Lankford’s house mission statement advises, “We have nothing small, nothing healthy, and nothing fast…. We have great food, but it’s not fast food.” Amen.

Houston’s Most Famous Dishes

Tacos filled with shrimp, salad, and jalapeno cream


Fried chicken drumstick and thigh rest upon greens and corn

Fried Chicken

Cheeseburger is stacked in a bun with tomato and lettuce on a sunny outdoor table.


Salad plate includes slices of orange drizzled with dark balsamic vinaigrette.


Houston’s Best Restaurants

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