Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas high-end restaurants offer deluxe meals created by celebrity chefs. But what if you don’t want to splurge? What if you want delicious food at a fair price in a spot known only to locals and savvy travelers? Look behind the neon and Las Vegas has a bounty of hidden gem restaurants where you can eat well without fuss and bother. Many have an ethnic twist: Italian, of course, but there also are places to get vegetarian Japanese fare, Venezuelan arepas, Hawaiian plate lunch, sushi, tacos, and soul food. All-American choices include a vegan donut shop, a custard stand, a hash house (with truly great hash), and a cafe that specializes in clever takes on familiar sandwiches … like a Fluffernutter with bruleed fluff, Nutella, and praline crunch.

Las Vegas’s Most Famous Dishes

Fried chicken drumstick and thigh rest upon greens and corn

Fried Chicken

Bakery-fresh loaf of Italian bread, resting on the bag it was sold in

Bread & Rolls

Sushi tray holds salmon, tuna, and surimi.


Mountainous sandwich holds pastrami, egg, French fries, cole slaw, and a tomato


Las Vegas’s Best Restaurants

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