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North Carolina is one of the top barbecue states, but from the ocean to the mountains, exactly how the barbecue is cooked and served varies dramatically. Connoisseurs in the east and central parts of the state want whole hog ‘cue (although some prefer just the shoulders) hacked to smithereens and just barely moistened with vinegar pepper sauce. Side dishes include boiled potatoes in the east and Brunswick Stew and hushpuppies in the center of the state. To the west, sauce begins to contain tomatoes and is a more significant presence on the plate. Beyond smoke-cooked pig, North Carolina’s prime attractions are Mid-Atlantic seafood, some of the nation’s best fried chicken, country ham, and superior biscuits.

North Carolina’s Most Famous Dishes

Sausage, brisket, ribs, and chicken surround a ramekin of orange BBQ sauce

BBQ Platters

Tall, gnarled-top light gold biscuit


Cross-section of a crisp-fried spherical hushpuppy showes the inside dotted with corn kernels


Macaroni & cheese, spangled with herbs, comes in a small cast-iron pot

Mac N Cheese

North Carolina’s Best Restaurants

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