Blue Benn Diner

Review by: Michael Stern

We have seen the Blue Benn Diner referred to as a “gourmet diner”; but Roadfood die-hards need not worry. This is not the sort of reborn streamliner in which an ambitious chef recasts the image as a retro-chic eatery serving New American cuisine. An original Silk City diner manufactured in the 1940s and planted on its current site along Route 7 in 1949, the Blue Benn remains a true-blue hash house.

What should I eat at Blue Benn Diner?

Yes, you can eat all sorts of interesting (and very good) dishes that are not expected fare in a stereotypical diner, from Syrian roll-ups to vegetarian enchiladas. But the traditional diner food is what we like: pot roast, turkey dinner, meat loaf and mashed potatoes. And, of course, breakfast, which is served all day.

The Blue Benn Diner seems always overpopulated with customers; and its walls are plastered with a virtual confetti of hundreds of signs listing arcane and modern specials from creamed chipped beef on toast to soya sausage. The commotion is presided over by a team of waitresses whose dexterous repartee cheers on customers to greet the day. It’s hypnotic to watch the coffee-pot-armed professionals maneuver the confines behind the counter and among the short line of wooden booths of the creaky old monitor-roof diner.

And oh, what a joy it is to ease a fork into a steamy slice of corn bread French toast or a stack of crunchberry pancakes with turkey hash on the side. And don’t tell anyone, but we love to greet the sun with Blue Benn Indian pudding, a primordial cornmeal and molasses samp that is, technically speaking, dessert … but makes a salubrious morning cereal when served warm and dolloped with cream instead of ice cream.

While the counter is a classic, music-lovers might want to choose a jukebox-outfitted booth where the song selection ranges from country classics (Patsy Cline) to the theme from Sesame Street.

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French Toast

Corned Beef Hash


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One Response to “Blue Benn Diner”

Jim Foster

December 17th, 2008

I am originally from Jersey and my work can take me across many state lines and a variety of places. I am always looking for good Roadfood, and I’ve found that asking a detail (police/trooper) directing traffic is a good way to get tips. Anyway, I was in Bennington for about a week and was pointed to Blue Benn.

We started by having breakfast there the first day, and by the last day we were having both breakfast and dinner. Certainly someone in the kitchen cares about the food. Everything we had was good, from pancakes and omelettes to dinnertime Mexican fare. The food is fresh, the meats are tender, and they are not afraid to use spices when needed.

Big props to the cats in the kitchen at Blue Benn. I’m hoping we pick up another job up in the area just so I can get back to this great diner.


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