Lakeside Diner

Review by: Michael Stern

Here is a place with ten-dollar breakfasts and a million-dollar view. A humble joint literally at the foot of the southbound Exit 34 ramp off the Merritt Parkway, the Lakeside Diner is set up just like countless other diners with a counter and stools and a scattering of tables; but one whole wall is a picture window that overlooks Holts Ice Pond where waterfowl skim past while customers fork into pancakes.

And what good pancakes they are! Let’s face it: 9 out of 10 diner pancakes are crude and doughy, made tasty only by liberal application of butter and syrup. Lakeside’s truly are elegant — thin, lightweight, and full-flavored. You can get them with butter and powdered sugar, which is all they need, or with syrup (but if you want pure maple, bring your own). We love them loaded with blueberries.

A sign in the window boasts of homemade donuts. Even if you are getting pancakes, you must try at least one of these. No variety to speak of: they are modest cake donuts stuck with massive amounts of coarse sugar. Simple and beyond improvement.

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Pancakes (short stack)


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