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Is Nebraska the Midwest or the West? Culinarily, it is some of each, plus a full measure of ethnic food that has taken root and become state signature dishes. For instance, runzas. The word “runza” has been trademarked by a fast food chain out of Lincoln, but the German/Russian meat-filled pastry pocket from which the name was derived is found throughout eastern Nebraska, where it is called bierock, Go Cart, or, simply, cabbage burger. A must-eat! Omaha is home not only to impressive steak dinners, but to a unique specialty known as the Cheese Frenchee, which is a cornflake-crusted, deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich. Up in the northwest, look for extraordinarily good Mexican food – a legacy of farm workers who settled here generations ago.

Nebraska’s Most Famous Dishes

Cheese Frenchee

Crisp circular potato chips on a red-checked tablecloth


Cheeseburger is stacked in a bun with tomato and lettuce on a sunny outdoor table.


In a red drive-in basket, onion rings are crisp and golden-brown

Onion Rings

Nebraska’s Best Restaurants

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