Restaurants in Memphis, TN

Memphis sees a lot of action. Pilgrims come to wail the blues or to hobnob with high-cotton society, and they come to honor Elvis Presley. The culinary scene boasts a remarkable range of good restaurants fine and funky (and some that are both). Barbecue is the banner meal, pork, of course — on the rib, chopped to smithereens, or pulled from the slow-cooked shoulder in bite-size shreds. In this city, you will find such beguiling curiosities as barbecue pizza, barbecue salad, and barbecue spaghetti; but the primary things to eat are ribs—wet or dry—and the Memphis specialty known as a pig sandwich. Two long-time favorites are Charlie Vergos Rendezvous, which is a beer-hall party that features intense dry-rub ribs, and Cozy Corner, where Cornish hens, ribs, and pork shoulder might be the best smoke-cooked meats in town. Beyond BBQ, consider such eating gems as The Arcade (since 1919) for biscuits and country ham and the Little Tea Shop (1918) for pot likker and plate lunch.

Memphis’s Most Famous Dishes

Sweet, crunchy cole slaw tops moist chopped pork in a bun

Pig Sandwich

Key lime pie: silky, sweet-tart lemon filling on a Graham cracker crust

Lemon Ice Box Pie

Trio of light, puffy yeast rolls in a bread basket

Yeast Roll

Memphis’s Best Restaurants

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