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Arkansas is Roadfood-rich. From the oil fields of El Dorado in the south to the Ozark Highlands Trail through the mountains in the north, inconspicuous town cafés serve expertly fried chicken followed by flaky-crust cream pie, fruit pie, or fried pie. In fact, Arkansas vies for the title of America’s #1 pie state. Then there’s catfish. Alongside lakes and rivers are fish camps that specialize in eat-’til-you-drop catfish and hushpuppy feasts. To the east along the Mississippi River are humble cafes that make spicy tamales along with single-serving sweet potato pies. The most seductive meals in the Natural State are barbecue. It is superficially similar to the smokehouse fare east of the Mississippi River—pork sandwiches hereabout often include the layer of coleslaw de rigueur on a Memphis sandwich, and many restaurants serve that Memphis oddity, barbecue salad. But Arkansas hickory-cooked pork is uniquely zesty; sauce tends to be a major player; and most BBQ meals include extraordinary beans or pit-cooked potatoes.

Arkansas’s Most Famous Dishes

Disposable partitioned plate holds turkey with dressing under gravy, a yam, green beans, cranberry sauce, and a baked yam

Turkey Dinner

A basket of warm cinnamon sweet rolls in a Kansas City chicken dinner house

Cinnamon Pastries

Mountainous sandwich holds pastrami, egg, French fries, cole slaw, and a tomato


Great Arkansas Recipes

Tender wedge of spoonbread jiggles on a plate.


Arkansas’s Best Restaurants

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